Category: Projects

  • Zener Cards

    Hey, remember these? Zener cards, for testing ESP. Wow, these look cool. How come we don’t see these designs more often? Maybe these would be a good needlepoint pattern; I could make coasters.

    Sorry! This isn’t your lucky day! *BZZZT*

  • I liked the X-fin control planes on the USS Albacore in Portsmouth, NH, so much that I asked my friend Kenn Munk to make an Albacore X-Fin Growmone, with a Tikaro Interactive logo on it:

    Albacore X-Fin Growmone

    I think it looks awesome, and makes it just that crucial bit easier to imagine that I actually own a badass submarine. However, Guerilla Drive-In projectionist and submarine veteran Subewl pointed this out:

    “Gentlemen, gentlemen… bubbles? What we have here is a failure to understand tactics. Bubbles is cavitation… is noise… equals a torpedo up the rear.”

    Whoops! That’s on the short list of places I don’t want a torpedo. Thanks for the advice, Eric!

    Tikaro Interactive logo
    Anyhow, you can get a glimpse of the new Tikaro Interactive company logo (also by Kenn Munk), there on the fin. It’s intended to evoke a gear and a pixel. There’s also some bristle-block, some virus, and some harbor mine mixed in there. Plus the letter “Y”. I like how the gear teeth break the perspective a little, and I especially like the square “chop” that Kenn put it in. I’ve already ordered the rubber stamp and made some tattoo stencils.

    I love this logo. As a bonuse the “gearxel” works as a stencil, and I could easily imagine it roughly spray-painted on the side of a Syd Mead flying dumpster — it has a “futuristic dystopian heavy industry zaibatsu” look, and if I’m a sucker for anything it’s futuristic dystoptian heavy industry zaibatsu.

    What do you think? You can see the logo on Flickr here.