Nerdlepoint pattern in 18-ct canvas

Nerdlepoint patch
I finished stitching up and binding a nerdlepoint canvas in 18-count mono canvas. I used a two-step binding stitch on the edge, which makes a braid, but MAN is it hard to keep the braid steady.

This is one of those things where knowing how it should be executed doesn’t really help: you just have to practice and be okay with the fact that it’s NOT gonna be the way you wanted it the first few times. You can also see the row of holes around the edge where I blocked the canvas using stainless steel T-pins. I’m not sure how to block a finished canvas like this without leaving those holes.

The QRCode that I stitched here contains the proxy URL ““, which right now is directed to a YouTube video. The Nerdlepoint patterns use the same back-end as the p8tches.

7 responses to “Nerdlepoint pattern in 18-ct canvas”

  1. Normally one pins the canvas outside the area that will show after the piece is finished. That’s why a lot of painted canvases have 2-3 inches of blank canvas as a margin all around the edges. Comes in handy if you are pinning a piece to frame it, too.


  2. Chillyhollow, thanks for commenting! I’m grateful for advice.
    Since this thing is edge-to-edge, there’s no margin of blank canvas to pin. I followed Jo Ippolito Christiansen’s instructions in “the black bible” for finishing a piece with no margin of canvas. I did this once before, and the holes on the edge went away after a few days. I’m gonna cross my fingers and hope!
    I’d block it before doing the edge, but it seems like the process of binding the edge pulls the thing sideways much more than the regular stitching in the middle. It’s a little frustrating 🙂


  3. It is possible that your edge thread is thicker than your background thread, or maybe you are tugging harder doing the edging stitch, especially trying to get it straight and through several layers of NP canvas. Steaming the canvas with an iron may help the holes disappear, too. Try ironing the piece through a towel and pull very gently to see if that helps. Otherwise, you might put a beaded edge inside the black binding to hide the holds. That’ll fancy it up a bit more than you want, perhaps, but mistakes are always when I get really creative and pull out the ostrich feathers, the sequins and the glue gun….
    People can’t see the mistakes for all the glitter and glitz.
    Jane, waving like mad from CH


  4. I’ll try the steaming, first — that seems like a good idea. As a Disciple of Grier, I don’t think I can really resort to hot-glued ostrich feathers. Maybe I’ll try smearing with 40-weight motor oil instead!


  5. Menudo on the USS Independence….the 80’s at the apotheosis of cheese…I just hope I’m able to follow the sequel without having seen the original…. 🙂


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