Commando Nerds in Action

At 5:49 AM this morning, p8tch collaborator Kenn Munk sent the following message to me:

“Here are a couple of shots taken after having done a small run handing out flyers, not as heroic as they could have been, but I had no photographer handy. The second one is a more action-y stmbling shot…
Hope you can make some use of them, feel free to crop and chop.
Running this afternoon with a group, turns out someone has built a tunnel-like structure on my route, not sure I’ll fit with the sashimono… Also scared of hitting people. All these considerations you probably didn’t have charging across a field, attacking other samurai…”


This is absolutely just the height of epitome. “Sweaty Sightseeing” is a guided running tour of Arhus. It’s a really fine-looking sashimono, too; I’m trying to get a glimpse of the shoulder bracket that Kenn has made (update: here’s a picture of the construction), and it looks really good:

stumbly action shot of the sashimono

In other Commando Nerd news, Michele Melcher sent a scan of the finished art for my “Fisher-Price Adventure Nerd”. I’m really, REALLY happy with him. You can click on him and see more details on the Flickr photo page. Now all he needs is a name and a backstory!

It’s like the Professor from Gilligan’s Island was hit with the Hirsute Ray!

Commando Nerd

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