• Am I hot or not? What about when I have a fake chin beard, a cigarette holder, a monocle, spats, and a sword? Rate me at http://www.amihotornot.com! I got this link from my friend Dan Check, who you can rate here. His halloween costume is a “gay cowboy,” though I think he looks like a dirty, dirty Cary Elwes.

  • (Of course, at the same time, I’ve been reading the last of the Harry Flashman books that I haven’t already, Flashman’s Lady. ) I’ll probably go home and finish the book now.

  • Whew, I just got finished making changes to the page. I bought a cheap-ass Visioneer scanner especially to make updates to this site over the weekend, and it seems to work okay if you scan things at a high enough resolution and then fiddle with the levels, run a sharpening mask, et cetera.

  • I got on the elevator in the middle of the morning, to find four or five stockbrokers from the ninth floor in their shirtsleeves talking about the recent economy.
    “My son is six month old today. The day he was born was the last time I made any money.”
    “It’s a good thing I only have two black tetras, two neon tetras, and a clown welch in my aquarium! I can’t afford food for them anymore.”
    “Yeah, they’re starting to look pretty thin.”
    “I don’t know, that Clown Welch is pretty meaty. Maybe we could cook it up for food!”