This was found by my

This was found by my uncle Laird in my grandmother’s 1927 yearbook from The Tutoring School; she was a junior.


Although the personality of a tree varies with the individual, each variety has its special characteristics. Take the poplar trees, for instance. As a whole, they are inclined to be a little nervous. They like to talk and gossip among themselves, but are true aristocrats, and can be as gracious and stately as the occasion demands. Willows are graceful and beautiful, but too aloof and languid to be interesting company, and the hedges are stiff, proud and formal, with not overly much intelligence. A pine is like an Indian. It is straight, strong and carefree, with a fresh, vigorous type of beauty, while a sycamore is a huge grandfatherly policeman.

Trees vary in character as much as dogs or cats or people. It really is better that they can’t talk, because they wouldn’t be so interesting.

     – Sarah Laird, ’27

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