Brandywine Roller Girls Summer Shovin’!

The magnificent Kevin Corcoran — aka “Steven Spillsberg” — shot and edited video of last Saturday night’s Brandywine Roller Girls bout! You can watch the first period here:

You can hear me on the microphone, announcing as “Thurston Howl III.” Pictured below: what the Howl family drives to a bout (we borrowed this VW Type 181 briefly, sadly, it is not ours!)

Thurston and Lovey Howl

The next Brandywine Roller Girls bout is the Back 2 Skool Brawl on August 20th. All four bouts have sold out so far. If you’d like to get your tickets, you can buy them at Brown Paper Tickets right now!

Pictured below in the bout poster (from left): the Brass Knuckle Betties’ Crash Bansheekoot and BroozHer Berardi, and the Spell Razors’ Kimmee Chaos and Small WoundHer. I especially like the Spell Razors’ witchy bout-fits.

Back 2 Skool Brawl: August 20, 2011

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