Roller Derby Announcer BoomCase

Inspired by Mr. Simo’s BoomCases, (and preceded by the fellows at Hive76), I took apart a Roland Mobile Cube and reassembled it inside an old fabric-and-pine Singer Featherweight sewing-machine carrying case that Kate found by the side of the road.

This is not a very complex hack (Step 1: make a hole in the box! Step 2: Put your junk in that box!), but it’s very practical — the Mobile Cube is set up for batteries or DC power, it takes a wide variety of inputs, and there’s various reverb knobs to twiddle.

PLUS, I can put my roller-derby announcer microphone inside the case. And a music source! So the whole thing becomes a self-contained, er… something! It’ll also look good strapped to the luggage rack of the sidecar.

Plus, it’s loud. REALLY loud. Bolting the speakers into a pine box seemed to take an already-loud amp at make it even louder. I’m really excited!

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