You’re Invited to the Tikaro Roller Ball!

A few months ago, the Daily Local News wrote about the re-opening of the Caln Roller Rink. Caln was a local landmark since 1974, and has been closed and empty for years. For a year, a passionate group of volunteers has been moving mountains to re-open the rink.

In August, we stopped by to talk to them and take some pictures. What a great place! Kate remembers seeing "Thriller" here on the big screen, which was a big premiere event: “Okay, everybody sit in the middle of the rink, HERE COMES THE MOVIE PROJECTOR!”

Just a few short weeks ago, CALN SUCCESSFULLY RE-OPENED! HURRAH! We’ve all had a great time tottering around the rink with friends and family. Here’s Lydia with her playschool friend Kylie, both beaming over their matching pink skates:

Lydia and Kylie at Caln Roller Rink

One of the most fun things about going to Caln is that, since it’s been closed for so long, everyone is learning (or re-learning) at the same time. We visited on Thursday over winter break, and some teenagers were tentatively trying crossovers and making cautious, elemental boogie motions. That Sunday, the same teenagers were scissoring through turns and putting their hands in the air during the “boom boom” parts of the song. Soon, they’ll be whizzing around the rink and flipping frontwards-to-backwards as though they’ve been skating JB Style all their life. Now’s the time to get in on the ground floor!

I said “wow, we should have a party here!” and Kate said “Yes, we should. In fact, we should have YOUR BIRTHDAY PARTY HERE.” And she’s been adamant ever since: “Go now, John. Go put the deposit down. QUIT ARGUING, DO IT!” It might not seem like it (at all), but I was kind of shy about the whole thing. But she perservered, and soon my reluctance gave way to… um, the opposite of reluctance.

And so I’d like to invite you, dear blog reader — yes, I’m talking about YOU — to my fortieth birthday party at Caln Roller Rink. We’ve taken the place over this coming Saturday, January 22nd from 5-7PM.

One important thing to remember: the party is fancy-dress. Wear your cutaway tails, your military dress uniform, your beekeeper suit, your turnout gear, or your diving rig. Wear your Dior gown, your tearaway sequin skirt, your bridesmaid dress. Wear rainbow-striped knee socks and Dolfin shorts. It’s the TIKARO ROLLER BALL:

40th Birthday Party Invitation by Michele Melcher

Save the date! Sponge off your fox-hunting scarlet! Come one, come all to the TIKARO ROLLER BALL! Details here:

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