WC Parking Garage Semaphore

After dropping off Lydia for her first day of first grade (hurrah!), Kate and I walked over to the newly-opened Chestnut Street parking garage. We visited the truly-odd-looking bicycle sarcophagi, and then went up to the top to admire the view. Which is wonderful! And it gave me an idea.

From the top of the Chestnut Street garage, you can clearly see the tops of the Bicentennial garage over on High and Market, and the Justice Center garage over on Darlington. With a clear line-of-sight like that over the rooftops in West Chester, we clearly need to send some flag semaphore messages:


So all we need to do is gather up nine people (one to wave the flags, one to look through binoculars, and one to write stuff down at each spot), and, y’know, learn semaphore. Here’s the area covered:

Who’s in? I’m thinking that we could do this some Saturday this fall: we meet in the morning, send a message from the Bicentennial Garage to the Justice Center garage, to the Chestnut Street garage, and tweet the results. World’s least convenient tweet! Then we get some breakfast.

OOOH, HEY: maybe we could use semaphore to send our breakfast order from Chestnut, to Bicentennial, to Justice, and then to Nudy’s Cafe, right across the street from the Justice Center garage, and then we’ll go eat the food! Sound like a plan? You can at me on Twitter or send me a message on Facebook if you want to join!

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