I’m Overweight! Isn’t it Fantastic!?

After a brisk 3-mile jog this morning, I got on my WiThings scale and it measured me at 214.4. That’s a BMI of 29.9, which according to WHO’s classification, brings me down from “Obese” into “Overweight” for the first time in my adult memory.

I’m overweight, not obese! Overweight! Isn’t it wonderful? I want to run through the streets of West Chester like Jimmy Stewart, shouting “Hello, Iron Hill! Hey, Kaly emporium! I’m overweight! Isn’t it FANTASTIC?!”

I'm overweight! Hurrah!

You can compare the overweight John shown above with Obese John from last summer in this break.com piece about the Guerilla Drive-In. Hey, I’ll be damned, I have lost a lot of weight! Here’s my progress since then:


I’m just a whisker from three-fourths of the way to my goal of 200 pounds. Once I get there, my next goal is going to probably be 185. But I’ve noticed something; when I started Lose It or Lose It, my goal was to run so I’d lose weight. Now, my goal has been changing — I want to lose weight so I can run faster. Whether or not my goal becomes a number on the scale, a clothing size, or ripped guns, I’m incredibly happy with the progress I’ve made. Thanks, Lose It or Lose It, for making me overweight!

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