Minigolf Portals and Cigarette Silks

I took yesterday off from work, and we all drove out towards Morgantown and Lancaster to look at stuff in anqtique/junk shops. LBY and I ended up playing minigolf while Kate went for the bonus expert round of shop-looking. If there’s anything better than the little portals in the fabric of spacetime at minigolf courses, I’m sure I don’t know what it is:

I found a small cardboard box stuffed with cryptic, lustrous little silk ribbons. The ribbons have intricate woven designs. Each is labeled “Egyptienne Luxury” and “Factory no. 7 3rd District State N.Y.”:

Egyptienne Luxury Cigarette Silks

They fall into four groups: US states, countries, colleges and universities, and secret societies(!), like “B.R.R. Trainmen” and “Golden Fleece.”

Some Googling reveals that these are giveaways that you would get with the purchase of Egyptienne Luxury cigarettes. The factory was in New York City, which at one time had several THOUSAND(!!!) cigar and cigarette factories, which is why they were broken into tax "districts" entirely on the island of Manhattan.

Egyptienne Luxury Cigarette Silks

What a fun day!

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