110% Over-Thanked, But I Can’t Complain While my Mouth is Full

As a "thank you" for building a kitchen set and shooting a movie in our garage, filmmaker friend Susie baked us a pan of fresh, homemade apple dumplings. With a bottle of cinnamon-sugar sauce. And a bottle of bourbon to top it with:

Susie's Apple Dumplings

OH MY GOD, were they good. We are seriously, egregiously over-thanked here. We’d feel guilty, but it’s hard to feel too guilty when your mouth is stuffed full of delicious apple dumpling with cinnamon-sugar bourbon sauce. WOW.

Garage kitchen (exterior)

The kitchen in the garage, built of insulation board and wallpaper. And cabinets scrounged from Habitat for Humanity. I took this picture before Kevin and Jim hung green screen across the window-wall and filled up the remaining space with lights and camera equipment (and craft-service tables.) It looked cool!

We’ve got a kitchen renovation underway in our house; when the neighbors walked by in the alley and saw Jim and Kevin working to set this kitchen up, they shook their heads "Goddamn, how many kitchens does that family NEED? Are they gonna rent the garage to college students?"

Kitchen set (interior)

This is the interior of the kitchen set, with wallpaper up. The wallpaper was stained to look old, with lighter spots where pictures used to hang. I think it looks very stylish!

Here’s the trailer for another award-winning short film “Jacob and Death“, which Kevin and Jim (and other folks) made last year and which you can buy here:

By the way, the kitchen-set movie is the same one that we helped make fake, edible bars of soap out of chocolate a few weeks ago! I can’t wait to see how it turns out! I especially can’t wait to do any old little favor I can for Susie.

2 responses to “110% Over-Thanked, But I Can’t Complain While my Mouth is Full”

  1. I can help you with the left over dumplings. However, Susie pledged to make more for all of us. We may have tapped into an accidental dumpling gusher – unlimited dumplings!!!
    At the risk of over thanking you, thanks again – yet again – for the use of the garage. I think that the kitchen scenes would not have looked nearly as good as they do had we actually filmed in a real kitchen. While building a fake kitchen seems insane, I think it paid off in this respect and Kevin and I are proud of how it turned out. We are even more proud that we were able to remove it from your garage once we finished the shoot.


  2. Could we… get the recipe for those? Not that I need them or anything… and hey, how is Marker’s Mark? I see it at the liquor store a lot (I remember it because of the unique lid) but I never tried it. It all seems like a dessert though!


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