Videos From the Chester County Hospital May Fair

In 2008, I blogged about a visit to the Chester County Hospital May Fair, on a wet and rainy morning. This year, the weather was amazingly magnificent. While Kate and her mom tried to whip the house into shape, I diverted LBY by taking her! Here are some iPhone videos I took:

The truck-portable ferris wheel, held together with tiny wires!

A fifty-foot-wide wading pool, in which floated hamster balls! (Will Ronco wanted to use one of these for a treadmill on his boat, but I think each one only holds about twenty minutes of oxygen):

The Tilt-A-Whirl, which causes thirty-nine-year-old men to hoot “wheeee!” like little girls, and little girls to say “I’m going on this again, man” like jaded thirty-nine-year-old men!

The terrifying scrambler thingy! Which the six-year-old was Not Interested In At All!

I. Love. The. Fair.

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