In celebration of spring, I am posting my favorite UNCHAIN THE AWESOME videos, from one I just discovered today (“Grocery Groove”, below), to my favorite thing in the whole entire world, animal, vegetable, or mineral — the Bill Irwin video from Sesame Street at the bottom. See, his Charleston really was THAT amazing the whole time; it just took the friendly, supportive teamwork of the two other fellows to UNLOCK THE ROCK for all three of them! Okay, here goes:

(There’s more awesome Fred “Rerun” Berry dancing, from his earlier career as a Soul Train dancer, at 1:06 in this video that Dr. Zibbs linked to)

Honorable mention: the amazing Prisencolinensinainciusol, which was written to sound like what English sounds like to non-english speakers, and William Shatner’s unexpectedly affecting cover of Common People!

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