Guerilla Drive-In: Edward Scissorhands (with 32-second haircuts!)

Our last Guerilla Drive-In showing of the 2009 season was Saturday night; we showed Edward Scissorhands in the big, beautiful auditorium of the Chester County Historical Society (our only showing ever scheduled indoors!)

Real-life scissor impressario Anthony Giunta III of Salon Chemistry was on hand to give 32-second haircuts to the audience. That’s because Kathy Baker’s haircut in the movie lasts exactly 32 seconds on screen.

A sudden and massive thunderstorm knocked out all power on the block just as we were getting ready to start. We found the building’s only working emergency outlet, and ran a long extension cord all the way to the projector. Anthony used a straight razor under emergency lights, for a moment of amazing “life-imitates art” verisimilitude. Especially with local pianist Terri Moss playing the grand piano up while we counted down the 32-second time limit on a big Gra-Lab darkroom timer.

Here’s a short video that Chris Young made about the showing! Don’t miss expert submarine-service projectionist Eric Lewis stripping and rebuilding the projector while the movie was playing, and Anthony’s big entrance at 1:10:

I had a wonderful time, and learned a couple of valuable lessons. For instance, don’t plan GDI showings indoors, since it will just result in typhoons destroying the building we are in.

Here are some links from Saturday’s show:

  • The “Listen Local” series at the Chester County Historical society is a cool BYO event next showing on November 6th. Come on out and enjoy the auditorium with actual electricity in it!
  • Given more than 32 seconds and electrical power, Anthony Giunta can give you an even better hairstyle than the ones he gave at the show! You can find Salon Chemistry behind Limoncello in West Chester.
  • Pianist Terri Moss, who leaped onto the stage to deliver impromptu piano music for the haircuts, is available for lessons and gigs (I’m pretty sure she does regular events in addition to secret speed-haircut sessions.) You can reach her at

The next Guerilla Drive-In showing will be in spring 2010. I’ll see you there!

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