What Kenn Munk is up to (continuing to be awesome, basically)

My Internet friend Kenn Munk is one of my very favorite designers. He’s made a number of things for me that I really love, including the Tikaro Interactive “gear pixel” logo, the designs featured on the top half of my “commando nerd” patches, the Coworkout Wi-Fir, the logo for the dormant Gorilla Suit Construction Workshop, and the upcoming grid bike project.

(I picked just about the most embarassing picture I could find of him, wearing his sashimono for the “Sweaty Sightseeing” project, where he takes tourists on jogging tours of London.)

This morning, I saw a bunch of photos in his photostream of him taking a medal-making workshop. Which, given that one of my ambitions is to someday get away with wearing a Napoleonic frock coat with a chest full of medals, is extremely relevant to my interests!

Here’s his first effort after the one-day workshop; a “curse” medal with nordic runes and a prototype, impressionistic mermaid. According to his photo commets, Kenn likes the idea of making medals for physical attributes, which seems very recursive and satisfactory to me. Also punny — a hair medal!

I really enjoy having an Internet correspondent and collaborator that is always doing doing so many different interesting things. Like meatcards maker Chris Thompson, Kenn is a master both of Illustrator and of making things in the, you know, Real World, and I love seeing the results.

Here’s some of the range of things that Kenn does:

If you want to see a really cool product-redesign story, go to his site at http://www.kennmunk.com, and in the topnav, click “self initiated work”, then “truth in packaging” for a Revell model box that I think is really great.

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