Oliver’s Crying Spock

Oliver's Crying Spock

My brother Oliver, who is spending six weeks as artist-in-residence here at the Barcode Building in West Chester, surprised me with this watercolor when I came in to the office this morning. I think he painted it this weekend before (after?) he visited Frank Frazetta. It’s a watercolor about 10″x14″. You can see it larger on Flickr.

This deserves a better photo/scan than this iPhone snapshot. I’ll look into local art-photography services (any suggestions?)

What do you think Spock is crying about? Science fiction shows where the spaceships make noise?

UPDATE: in case you need to tell someone that they are making Spock cry, you can link the photo at www.cryingspock.com.

One response to “Oliver’s Crying Spock”

  1. That just came in so handy! Having an email “argument” about why they have to doctor up and color images of far off nebula’s and galaxies from Hubble photographs. I think its cheating… I bet with the right filters you could take a picture of the RF radiation from a cellphone and it would be gorgeous.


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