In January, I wrote about the “Green2Steam” mad-scientist tea party that Randy, Eric, Harold and I had at Harold’s studio: “Like a tea party. With fire. For MANS!“.

Eight months to the day later, Jim and Ellen hosted a second version of the “let’s make the most complicated cup of coffee possible” party on their deck. Eric and Sue roasted beans in his custom-built hot-air roaster. Harold Ross brought his hand-crank grinder and a freestanding clamp stand, so we could mount my siphon brewer over a white-gas coleman stove. Randy cranked. Andy Rodriguez’ friend Lana stirred the “upstairs” siphon precisely four times without touching the side of the siphon. There was a mountain of scones! Pots of eggs! Fresh homemade kombucha, waiting in never-been-opened bottles that might explode! All in all, I had one HELL of a time.

Fueled by three cups of freshly-roasted rocket fuel and Ellen’s elderberry kombucha, Chris Young made this fantastic video of the morning’s event!

Thanks very much to everyone that came. Parties where we do something are my favorite kind of party. Especially when that something is as complicated as possible. Maybe we can have Green2Steam III at Seven Stars Farm, and milk the cream for the coffee ourselves!

Share photos on twitter with TwitpicOliver even came up with an official “Green2Steam” logo, since making logos and domain names is the twenty-first-century equivalent of doodling band names on the canvas cover of your three-ring notebook. So I’ll make some Green2Steam T-shirts, and some Green2Steam coffee mugs. I’ll also order some more siphon brewer parts, since the siphon bulb cracked from the lava-like heat of the Coleman stove that we put under it.

Once we’re up and running, we’ll do this again — follow @green2steam on Twitter if you’d like to find out about the next one!

5 responses to “Green2Steam II: KOMBUCHA NIGHTS”

  1. Freshly-roasted coffee smells like coffee, only more so. Like it’s food, and candy, and bread, all at the same time. When it’s ground, it’s the same only more so. It’s seriously pretty amazing.
    The coffee was really, really good, and creeps up on you. You think you’re just having a normal sip of coffee, and then ten minutes later you realize you’re on top of the table and yelling and waving your arms and talking reall-l-ly fast.


  2. Chris says that Lea picked that music on account of Eric (@subewl)’s hot-air popper. Needless to say, I have been humming it nonstop. I had to find, then buy it on Amazon MP3: “Artist: Popcorn. Artist: Popcorn. Album: Popcorn. Please wait for Popcorn by Popcorn on Popcorn to finish downloading.” Doot deet doot deet do-deet doot!


  3. Extremely complicated. Now if you can integrate the breakfast maker from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang you would have a cup of coffee that could take hours to make and cost hundreds of dollars per cup.
    The idea of adding the cow for the milk is interesting, but I would try to integrate a milker into the device. You could go on and on…


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