The Guerilla Drive-In on team: sidecar 101
Last week, we showed “The Great Outdoors” at Northbrook Canoe Company, with special celebrity guest, my high-school friend Chris Young.

We had a really, really wonderful time — highlights for me were the NINETY-SIX OUNCE STEAK(!!!) that Mary Bigham of West Chester Dish brought and grilled, as well as the old ninety-sixer eating competition, where we weighed each team on Northbrook’s old feedlot truck scale before and after dinner, seeing which team could come the closest to gaining exactly ninety-six ounces. content producer Sam Greenspan and his colleague Matt came out from Los Angeles to see the show, shoot some footage, and ride around in a Shoei Rebel motorcycle helmet.

Here’s the piece they just put live on the site (embed below):
Great American Guerilla Drive In – Watch more Levis

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