Harold’s Pictures of Shofuso

My next-door neighbor (sadly, now my ex-next-door neighbor) Harold Ross went to Shofuso with his son Jonathan on an early, rainy Father’s Day trip. He sent me the photos that he took, and I asked if I could post a link to them here. Click the image below to see some really great pictures of Fairmount Park’s Japanese house in the rain!


That big juniper veranda at the house must be so great to sit under in the rain. Harold took a lot of wonderful pictures of the garden, too, which I hadn’t really seen in as much detail as Harold did — the photos of the crooked bamboo are really wonderful!

One response to “Harold’s Pictures of Shofuso”

  1. Thanks for posting these!
    After you posted your pictures awhile back, I was moved to take up The Tale of Genji, which I’d had sitting in my to-re-read pile for awhile, so I’ve been immersed in Heian Japan for awhile, and it was a great pleasure to see these.


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