Ancient and Most Secret Guardians of the MacGuffin

At lunchtime today, I went out to tweak the transmitter settings on the MacGuffin, since people were having trouble understanding the instructions for the secret bonus.

While I was out there, I took a picture of the Ancient and Most Secret Guardians of the MacGuffin, relaxing after a hard day of foiling gentleman archaeologists (and cooking burgers on the outdoor grill, and driving red schoolbuses up and down the Brandywine, packed with schoolkids, and shoveling, and generally working hard):

Ancient and Most Secret Guardians of the MacGuffin

"What should we tell people who ask us: ‘Um… we’re looking for the MacGovern?’"

"Tell them anything you like! Tell them that you’ve never heard of it. Or that it’s floating in the middle of the river. Tell them it was here, but it’s been gone for years."

"Can we make this face [makes grim face] and do this?" [pantomimes pumping a shotgun]

"Yes, absolutely. Think of yourselves as, you know, the Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade."

"Okay, we can totally do that."