Guerilla Drive-In in the AP: NATIONAL BADICALITY

Joann Loviglio and Joseph Kaczmarek, a reporter and photographer for the AP, were at last week’s showing of Ghostbusters at Fort Mifflin. This morning, Joann’s story just went live, along with a photo of me doing a kind-of-a, sort-of-a hadouken with the first reel of the movie (click to see it on Newsvine, which I think is a sort of an AP clearinghouse:)


‘Guerrilla drive-ins’ turn nostalgia on its head

I will be perfectly honest here. (Isn’t your blog the place for True Confessions about unimportant things?) The reason I like that picture so much is that it makes me look skinny. I find myself not really caring if I look like a ghastly showboat. I mean, I am a ghastly showboat, but at least here I look like a skinny ghastly showboat.

Tonight, I must attend a meeting of West Chester Borough Council to ask permission to use a municipally-owned structure for an upcoming showing. Since the story has been picked up by both the Inquirer and the Daily Local News (I checked; of course I checked!) I’m hoping that at least one of the folks on Council will have seen it, emboldening me to ask if we can go ahead with the flaming tire tracks and the careening VW bus.

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