Kitty Bo’s Rodeo Pictures

Until I was six, my family lived in Austin, TX, because my parents were Official Scientific UFO Hunters. The folks at Project Starlight were really cool; I have shadowy four-year-old’s memories of a group of tall, capable Texans in denim clothes pouring concrete, welding rebar, lighting campfires to heat up coffee, and moving heavy UFO-detection equipment around.

Kitty Bo was one of the Big Shadowy Grown-Ups that I remember especially fondly. Her blog is in my RSS feed. I love glimpsing the slices of Texas that come through when she visits the rodeo with her Chihuahua Tink, and posts pictures.

As the father of a five-year-old girl, I especially like the images of Texas girlhood she catches:

You can see a whole bunch of photos that she just uploaded here on her blog, each photo with interesting comments. Go check them out!

This is one of the things that I think is most wonderful about blogging. You get to see a different slice of the world through someone else’s eyes. But the glimpse you’re given is not delivered in a carefully curated way. When you’re reading a book, you know that the author has thought very carefully about the impression they’re going to give and you keep a weather eye out for the author’s intention. The informality and shorter timeframe of blogging — well, it’s more like you’re looking through a window with that person, than that you’re being told a story by that person. You get to enjoy the view and the company, without there being the formal contract of a narrative. Or something. Anyhow, I love Kitty Bo’s pictures and her comments.

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