Meatcards on “Attack of the Show”

Meatcards appeared on G4TV’s “Attack of the Show” yesterday. Their verdict? “Tastier than most business cards!”

Chris had made a prototype just for them, before leaving for Florida to watch the shuttle launch. Will is waiting to hear back from the USDA to see if we have to comply with the Full Weight of Government Regulation regarding meat manufacture (a USDA inspector on-site every day we make cards!), or whether this is a “not picked up on radar” kind of a thing, since all we’re doing is marking and repackaging already-manufactured jerky. We’ll see!

One response to “Meatcards on “Attack of the Show””

  1. I’m both impressed and disturbed how you can get total strangers to trust you enough to eat something like that. Then again you did get the golf place to let me drive the ball cart so your powers of persuasion are mighty.


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