OMG Double Dutch!

Lydia discovered a jump rope at the drugstore yesterday; when I came home, she was jumping, five-year-old style in the back yard.

So we spent some time googling for “jump rope” and then “Double Dutch”, and sure enough, YouTube did NOT disappoint:

Check out the amazingness that starts at 1:14 in this video (though the whole thing is great.) I feel like I’m matching a movie about competition Double Dutch, where the scruffy young upstarts bring their LOVE OF THE DUTCH to the game, taking on the established, well-funded, cynical and jaded corporate team:

I spent about a thousand years in high school learning to juggle devil sticks. If YouTube had been around then, I might have learned a whole different set of skills instead.

2 responses to “OMG Double Dutch!”

  1. Hahaha, do you realize that song is by Malcom Mclaren – man who “invented the Sex Pistols”?? I knew he did some music on his own in the 80’s but NEVER expected this!


  2. I didn’t know any of that until I started Googling him. It does explain why he keeps shouting “I’m a sex pistol!” on “Punk it Up”, though (I bought the whole “Duck Rock” album on iTunes.)


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