Three biggest features of “The Thing”: cold, colld, and col-l-l-l-d!

About twenty-five people had a great time watching “The Thing” next to the frozen Brandywine river on Saturday night. For a screen, we ended up stretching a 4’x15′ tarp across two six-foot pieces of angle iron, bolted together to make one span, then clamped to some tent poles (thanks, Chris!)

"The Thing" on the Brandywine

The whole range of human emotions was represented, including “being very cold”, and “being worried that everyone would have to go home early” when the speaker fuse blew. But we were able to fix it using card parts that my neighbor Sam brought. Thanks, Sam! And thanks to Harold, Eric, and Wayne, who actually fixed the projector. I mostly just kind of stood there, got in the way, and poked at the wrong end of things.

Mary Bigham from WC Dish came, lit a fire, and cooked hot dogs, which is JUST what you’re hungry for when you’re watching a slavering pile of alien tentacles getting incinerated by a flamethrower. No, I’m serious: thanks, Mary! Also, Mary brought her dogs, which added immensely to the scariness of the early Norwegians-shooting-at-a-preternaturally-intense-Husky scenes.

Did I mention being really cold? I had a LOT of fun, but I think we’re definitely going to wait for warm weather before showing another film.

One response to “Three biggest features of “The Thing”: cold, colld, and col-l-l-l-d!”

  1. you’re in good company, john. my brother who works down in antarctica told me the tradition of the winter-over crew at the south pole is on the first night after the last plane has left they get together in the common room and have a slumber party, watching BOTH versions of the Thing. if you’re going to be isolated in the cold dark for six months, you may as well look the worst case scenario straight in the eye.


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