Green2Steam: Like a tea party. With fire. For MANS.

I keep writing and rewriting this blog post about how Eric Lewis, Harold Ross, Randy Schmidt and I met at Harold’s studio last weekend to see what coffee tastes like when you start with green beans, roast the beans, grind the beans, then brew them up in a fire-powered siphon brewer. All outdoors, because coffee-roasting makes a lot of smoke.

No matter how many times I rewrite the blog post — talking about how we want to have a full-stack “green2steam” coffee operation mounted on my sidecar — somehow this picture that Harold took of me and Randy, gawping at coffee master Eric roasting the beans in a hacked popcorn popper, says much more than I could:

Eric Wows the Yokels

There are plenty of pictures at the “Green2Steam” photoset on Flickr. Harold took almost all the photos. Most surprising to me was the way the hull chaff from the expanding beans covered the table. And MAN, does just-roasted coffee smell good.

Randy’s job was to stir the coffee, using a bamboo stirrer never before touched by human hands. Japanese siphon-bar attendants carve the bamboo stirrer to fit their palm, and stir exactly four times, without touching the sides of the pot. No pressure!

Click any of the photos to go to the photoset on Flickr:

The Green Coffee Beans 
Beans Mid-Roast 
Roasted Beans 
Watching the Temperature 
Getting his Stirrer Wet 
Kickdown Beginning

I think the next time we do the full-stack coffee-preparation exercise will be for the 2009 Polar Plunge, February 7th at Brandywine Picnic Park. We’ll have to roast the beans using propane, since there won’t be any electricity. Hey ho, more FIRE! Is anyone interested in coming out to help make the most complicated cup of coffee possible?


4 responses to “Green2Steam: Like a tea party. With fire. For MANS.”

  1. Nicole, would you guys like to join the Tikaro Interactive Polar Bear Team? Slots available on the:
    * Swim team
    * Green2Steam Full Stack Coffee Preparation Propane Fire Brigade
    * Shivery Tattoo Administration Unit
    And the coffee tasted GREAT. It was the best cup of brewed coffee I’ve ever had. But the cappuccino that Harold made in the machine wired into his studio’s kitchen was in a whole other league. Sadly, I think this coffee rabbit hole may have no bottom 🙂


  2. Count me in too John, as well as seeing the movie Friday night! My question is, will this qualify me for a Nerd Merit Badge in Rube Goldberg Coffee Making?


  3. It absolutely *does* qualify you for a Nerd Merit Badge in Rube Goldberg Coffee Making. That badge is actually _eleven_ badges, connected by an elaborate system of wires and mousetraps.


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