The New West Chester Web Development Space

Tikaro Interactive (by which I mean me, my desk, and my Lucky Dotcom Chair) has moved offices! I’ve teamed up with some really excellent Philadelphia web developers to start a shared office space. We’re at
20 North Darlington Street in West Chester, right above local ice-cream and donut shop West Chester Scoop. For those of you that know the area, that’s right behind the new justice center. It’s the brick building in the middle of this picture:

West Chester Scoop Panorama

The best thing about an office space above a donut shop, besides the constant access to fresh coffee, is the delicious smell of fresh donuts. The worst thing about an office space above a donut shop is also the delicious smell of fresh donuts. To see if it was do-able, we spent a day working in the front office (with no furniture yet):

Working above the donut shop

That’s Randy Schmidt and Chris Conley from Ümlatte, and Jason Tremblay of Alert My Banjos. These are the fellows that put together purty iPhone app iSepta. Randy just launched isFeasting, which is a microblogging service to show what you’ve been eating. Jason is the programmer behind

Here’s my side of one of the three rooms above Scoop. I’m about halfway through the pcoress of surrounding my computer with houseplants, which I’ve always wanted to do. My desk drawers are still in the old office:

West Chester Scoop office

As a part of the lease we negotiated, we get to name and design a sundae. Any suggestions?


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