According to Lydia, I’m “Lifting Plates”

I triumphed over my skinny veins and gave platelets in West Chester this morning. Kate came and visit after dropping Lydia off at playschool, and took this picture (while trying not to look at the needl-y bits):

Donating Platelets

Here’s what happens:

  1. The blood goes out your left arm
  2. It’s centrifuged in the machine next to you, and the platelets are taken out.
  3. The blood GOES BACK IN your right arm.

It’s extremely futuristic and awesome. You can learn more about it at the American Red Cross website.

Additional benefit: you don’t get weak afterwards, since you haven’t lost any blood. Also: you get gauze on both forearms like a prizefighter. Also: your blood goes through a whole series of krazy straws, and then you can gross out your wife and anyone who will listen about it.

It takes about two hours, which is a long time, and you better remember to turn the SMS alert off on your iPhone, or you’ll be sitting there wondering if the "ding ding!" from your pocket is a Pingdom "site down" alert. But you can’t use your hands to check. THANKS A LOT FOR THE INCESSANT SMS REMINDERS, STEVE JOBS 😛

Anyhow, you can find out more about giving platelets by visiting

One response to “According to Lydia, I’m “Lifting Plates””

  1. I donate platelets there too!
    Don’t forget, you can watch a movie on your own little flatscreen TV to pass the 2 hours away and they are always quick with giving you a blanket when you get cold as all that 98.6 degree blood is temporarily out of your body!
    PS, Thanks for the intro John!


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