Okay, somebody hand me a shovel!

Now that Obama’s the President-Elect, I want someone in a wool serge suit to show up on my doorstep and hand me a shovel so I can get to work helping undo the damage of the last eight years: “that retaining wall over there needs a-shorin’ up, friend!” “We got to dig us a channel to fix that there credit logjam!” “See that little kitty up in the tree? That kitty is CITIZEN’S PRIVACY RIGHTS, and we need you to climb up there and rescue it!”

I’m tremendously excited to see that change.gov has launched; it’s the “office of the President-Elect”, and seems like it’s gonna play the role of that fellow in the serge suit. Well, I hope so, anyway. I’ve crawled over the site, looking for volunteer opportunities, but haven’t found any so far (that hasn’t stopped me from doing some Googling; the domain name was registered by “Blue State Digital”, so I sent them an email.

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