MOL Gator needlepoint progress

Here’s a snapshot to show progress on the MOL gator needlepoint project:

MOL progress

Unfortunately, I lost my skein of red! I have to go to Fireside to get some more. Fortunately, my work is definitely not precision enough to require matching a dye lot!

Well_Hung_site.jpgIn other needlepoint news, I think Matt and I are going to have to go check out this exhibition of needlepointed New York Post covers. I love it because it’s funny, rude, and not completely overwhelmed in self-absorbed irony.

Whoa, reading the artist description, there’s more here than I thought at first:

[Artist] Brigid Berlin is the daughter of Richard Berlin, who directed the Hearst media empire for 52 years … She appeared in several Warhol films, including Chelsea Girls (1966), Imitation of Christ (1967) and The Nude Restaurant (1967), under the name Brigid Polk. Her skill at administering “pokes” (amphetamine injections) to herself and other hangers-on about the Factory earned her this name.

Sheesh, Matt is gonna be ALL OVER this!

UPDATE: Kate would like me to point out that Matt would be interested in the this because of the connection with pop art, NOT because of the amphetamine injections! I’ll post pictures of Matt’s MC5 project if I can get some.

One response to “MOL Gator needlepoint progress”

  1. Brilliant idea by Brig! All canvases were painted by Amanda Keep of Woolworks Needlepoint NYC. Amazing pieces. You can have anything needlepoint at Woolworks!


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