P8tch Rubber Stamp (Cattle Brand?)

I took one of my p8tch project QRcodes and sent it to Simon’s Stamps to be made into a 3" square rubber stamp.

3" is a little bit bigger than I had pictured in my head; you have to kind of swab the stamp all over the pad to ink it. But the image looks cool — and it scans just fine:

p8tch rubber stamp

When you buy a p8tch with a unique, re-configurable QRcode, you also get a link to the corresponding QRcode image in several sizes. For instance, the p8tch that I used has the URL "http://www.p8t.ch/zoawl" embedded in it. Here are the URLs that are included in the p8tch welcome message:

So you can use the .png images that come with your p8tch to make your own craft projects. You could, of course, make your own QRCodes — it’s an open standard, hurrah! — but the nice thing about the p8tch URLs is there’s a back end in place that lets you change the target. So you can make a “World’s Best Dad” mug, but instead it links to a running, daily summary of exactly WHERE dad stands in relation to a global index of other dads. And sometimes a Rick Roll.

Right now, I’m not sure what I’ll use this stamp for. It’s way too big for a party hand-stamp. Even if I put it on folks’ foreheads. Hmm, I suppose it could work on a butt cheek, like a nerdy cattle brand. Then I could link it here.

You know what would make a great early Christmas present for the nerds in your life? That’s right! A p8tch of their very own!

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