MacGuffin Repair Mission: FAILURE

There’s an article about the West Chester Guerilla Drive-In coming out in tomorrow’s Citypaper! I had heard some reports that the MacGuffin wasn’t transmitting properly, which means that Citypaper readers wouldn’t be able to earn their Official GDI Member Numbers in time for the last 2008 showing on October 25th.

So after work, Lydia and I hopped into the car to go pay it a visit at its SECRET LOCATION. Here’s what it looks like after six months of continuous operation — check out the greasy fur on the antenna!

MacGuffin: busted after six months

Lydia playing with the trainsThe red light on the front of the Pelican case was out — sure enough, the power cord had fallen out of its socket. Probably while the Halloween pumpkins were getting plugged in. I plugged everything back in, verified that the Sony Sports Walkman hidden inside the case (a leftover from the Retropod project) was still running, and got back in the car.

No dice.

So I’ve got about 24 hours to either fix the MacGuffin, or to think up an alternate “Hero’s Quest” for City Paper readers. The way the MacGuffin quest works now is you have to locate the MacGuffin, listen to the SECRET ACCESS CODE it is should be broadcasting on AM 1700, then send in a picture of you at the location. That way, you can’t just pick up the info on a message board; you have to get out into the world of people and things and have a PIPIN’ HOT adventure. So you can get into TRAINing. (sheesh, if the MacGuffin isn’t working, why am I still dropping hints?)

Any suggestions for what an alternate City Paper GDI Hero’s Quest should be?

UPDATE: The City Paper piece is out. I’d better think of something quick!

One response to “MacGuffin Repair Mission: FAILURE”

  1. How about posting your agents all over town, where they ask a few questions to get more pieces of the puzzle like in this exchange from Top Secret!


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