Will Ronco, Iron Developer

Will Ronco, Iron Developer

Tikaro Interactive developer Will Ronco turned in an awesome time at the Lake Placid Iron Man a few months ago, and he’s now in Kona, Hawaii getting ready for the world championship this weekend (he toured the lava field yesterday.)

He’s also prepping for a Drupal site launch next week. You know, in his spare time. I thought maybe we’d be able to trade some emails or some Jira issues.

I was really surprised to find, though, that the vChat on our PowerBooks Just Worked(tm), and I was able to see the FRIGGIN’ SWIM COURSE over Will’s shoulder. That’s just ridiculously awesome.

The race start is behind his left shoulder, and then they swim over to the orange buoy behind his right shoulder.

The race is Saturday. It won’t be televised until December, but you can follow Will at ironman.com. His race number is 176.

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