West Chester is full of WIN

First of all, Kate knitted a pair of socks for Lydia at Lightning Speed, finishing them at 5PM yesterday. That was just in time to make the 6:30PM deadline for entering them in the West Goshen Fair. Here they are, squinting in the glare (sheesh, I should have taken this picture from the other direction):

Kate, Lydia, and the Easter Egg Sock

Easter Egg socks
Lydia calls them her “Easter Egg socks” because of the shape and the purple color and the bands (this is Kate’s own pattern!) and they won a BLUE RIBBON in the knitted-sock category, sweeping the field of entry. Kate’s friend Ann also took home a blue ribbon, making Kate’s Chester County Stitch and Bitch group a highly-decorated band of champions. Congratulations, you guys!

Old_House.JPGSecond, Shirley Vanscoyk (who happens to be our real-estate agent), just started a blog, and she’s been decanting essays there that she’s been collecting over the years. Just this morning, I had something really pressing to do but all work ground to a halt when this post popped up in my RSS reader. I lol-ed, especially at the part where Shirley manages to GET HERSELF FLIPPED OFF. BY AN AMISH MAN. Anyhow, you should go and read this post (especially if you’ve ever been to Good’s on the way to Lancaster), and then read all the others.

UPDATE: Go read THIS ONE right now. You know what to expect on this blog by now; I’ll probably start talking about the latest nuclear-powered bicycle horn I’m gonna bolt onto my sidecar, or something. You could keep reading that, or you could go laugh your freaking head off and gain valuable Offical Realtor Secrets.

2683-medium_WillR1.jpgThird, a cool interview with Tikaro Interactive lead programmer Will Ronco came out today, in which Will comes across as an unbelievably nice, enthusiastic guy (which he is), but also one of the Fastest Men Alive (which he is.) But humble. Seriously, he’s got an astronaut vibe going on here.

The Covert Fang Helmet also is intriguing. Apparently, this is Will’s secret weapon.

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