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When Kenn Munk and I were working on the logo for Tikaro Interactive, we had to reluctantly put aside a bunch of concepts that were totally awesome, like a lightning bolt… ON FIRE! And a demon hand clutching a banner that said "TIKARO", and other stuff that would look GREAT carved in ballpoint pen on the cover of a denim-bound three-ring notebook.

Some other ones that I really liked were coming across as too steampunk (and therefore too dated) for an interactive shop. But I missed those designs. When were were all done with the company logo, I asked Kenn to go ahead and make one that was totally and unapologetically "Unhinged Victorian inventor" that I could use on my blog. This is the result.

I really like how Kenn cut the gear so that it looks like a laurel wreath and also like wings.

This logo makes me want to get INCREDIBLY muscular, then get the top-hat-and-gear tattooed all the way across my chest. And fight shirtless in the streets, then dance, of course.

One response to “Tikaro blog logo: IF VAN HALEN RODE A VELOCIPEDE”

  1. Hey John!
    I’m totally down with the homemade decal party, I was actually thinking of trying to find a decal that said “Igloo”, maybe dye the seat cover white, and blow people’s minds! 🙂 Shoot me an email when that happens, I’m so there!
    I loved the motorcycle course, figure 8’s around a blazing hot parking lot in August, but I really struggled with stopping where they wanted me to, when they wanted me to, an important skill I know. Yet somehow I passed, but I tell you I’d want to take the class again when I eventually upgrade!
    Any movie this month? More and more Vanguard folks want to know!


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