Boxcar Alligator Needlepoint Progress

A Flickr user called the MOL Container Lines mascot the “Boxcar Alligator“, which I think is a great name — even though (or especially because) that gator is really a sailor. A sailor on the rails has a Coxey’s Army vibe. Which is only enhanced because it seem like the gator is being replaced by the blue “MOL in a box” logo.

Anyhow, the boxcar alligator is coming right along! Here’s a closeup of his green head (and white teeth, if you squint):

Green stitched in

The story so far (all links go to Flickr):

MOL logo MOL Container Logo MOL needlepoint progress

UPDATE: Aha! Here’s where the stickers on the side of shipping containers come from; Ocean Shine Decal Industries Ltd. I’d love to have a boxcar alligator container decal set, but what would I put it on? I don’t think the sidecar is big enough. Maybe I’ll have to wait until I can buy a 20′ used steel container to use as a Wendy house. Oh, and it looks like they do computer-cut vinyl painting stencil masks, which is exactly the same as temporary airbrush tattoo-ing, only different.

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