Ice Cream Tattoo Quest tonight!

Sidecar "rudder"

  • Sidecar sashimono banner: check!
  • Ice-cream cone and fire tattoo stencils: check!
    (Lydia and I spent some time this morning cutting them up)
  • Airbrush, compressor, and fresh tattoo ink: check
  • Secret fifth mobile downtown ice-cream store: possible check!
  • Brass double-barreled theatrical handheld flash paper cannon: check!

Ice Cream Tattoo Quest flyer
Everything is in readiness ready for the Ice Cream Tattoo Quest this evening. Meet at the outdoor patio of the Lincoln Room (formerly America’s Cup) tonight at 6:30. I’ll actually be there earlier setting up, if you want to hang out and get some extra practice tattoos, or possibly figure out the best way to guy up a sashimono.

We’re gonna be rain or shine, except if it’s really super ridiculously raining, in which case I imagine we’ll still be doing tattoos, just inside. I’ll leave comments on the event homepage to let you know if anything has changed.

See you there!


2 responses to “Ice Cream Tattoo Quest tonight!”

  1. Awesome, thanks for the pics! I had a *blast*, and special thanks to Toren, Justin, and Pat, who ran the stencils and cleaned the overspray.


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