Sarah’s Birthday Party: INSANE CELLO WIZARD

My beloved cousin Sarah turned 50, and we drove up to Maine to be at her party, because Kate had a premonition of awesomeness.

Her premonition was entirely correct — Max and Sarah had lured out some kind of INSANE CELLO WIZARD from California. Rushad Eggleston is an, um… Well, he’s, uh…

Okay, frankly, he really is an insane cello wizard. Here’s a couple of clips, both before and after he hung upside down from the rafters and stripped off his purple velour shirt. Last song is "Happy Birthday Sarah". Rushad’s drummer was dressed as a pirate, and his bass player was dressed as a medieval headsman.

Man, I love Max and Sarah’s parties.

3 responses to “Sarah’s Birthday Party: INSANE CELLO WIZARD”

  1. When are you guys just going to adopt me so I can come to these things too?? I love cello rock bands (Rasputina being my fave) but man this guy is awesome. (kinda sexy too – is that just me???)


  2. Oh, no, Nicole, it’s not just you; — Rushad agrees. He also thinks he’s very sexy!
    Teasing aside, I really enjoyed Rushad and his band because of the COMPLETE AND UTTER LACK OF IRONY, which by itself is a completely welcome respite from Creeping Generational Sarcasm Cancer.


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