West Chester Ice Cream Tattoo Quest next Thursday. Also: ARRRR-igato!

Ice Cream Tattoo Quest flyer

Next Thursday the 26th, the West Chester Guerilla Drive-In is teaming up with West Chester Dish for the Ice Cream Tattoo Quest. Here’s how it works:

  1. At 6:30 PM, you arrive at Ice Cream Tattoo HQ and get a basic airbrush tattoo of an ice cream cone, along with a scorecard and map to local ice-cream shops
  2. You (and your friends) visit the shops in any order. Four are easy to find: finding the fifth combines the torments of Tantalus with the elusiveness of Brigadoon. At each shop, you buy ice cream, share it, and compare notes.
  3. Each shop will give a MAGIC STAR sticker to anyone with an ice-cream tattoo. Each shop has a different color.
  4. Collect five stars in five colors, and you get to LEVEL UP your ice cream cone tattoo with an AWESOME MAGICAL FLAME BUFF.

The tattoo will last through Friday and the weekend, so you can make up all sorts of lies about how you stumbled on an underground costume-wearing ice-cream worshipping doomsday cult, and escaped with your life, the nifty tattoo, and the mystical passphrase “MOLA RAM BRAIN FREEZE

Ice Cream Torch Sashimono
Dave Moroz-Henry from Barking Dog Signs is working on making a sashimono banner for the sidecar. You can see a photoshop mockup of what I’m hoping it will look like on the right (the frame is real, the banner is photoshopped.)

The frame is made of 1″ aluminum tube, a flagpole bracket, and some PVC elbows. I put wooden dowels in the ends of the aluminum tube to keep it from bending at the corners. It works okay right now, but it waggles and spins comically while I’m moving. I think I’ll have to guy the top of the pole with some thin cables. Hopefully, it’ll look like the world’s smallest Feudal Japanese Pirate Ship!

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