To promote the upcoming West Chester Dish/Guerilla Drive-In Ice Cream Tattoo Quest, I visited WCOJ 1420 AM this morning and sat in on Mary Bigham’s show “Eat, Drink, and Meet Mary” to give J.T. the DJ a tattoo. Mary hadn’t explained what we were going to do, so JT looked a little uncertain as I pulled a pair of rubber dishwashing gloves, a razor, and a bottle of alcohol out of my Pelican case.

We explained the rules of the upcoming event: you’ll show up at the courthouse at 6:30 PM on Thursday the 26th, and get a basic ice-cream cone tattoo. Then you’ll travel with your friends to all the local ice-cream shops, collecting a star for each one you visit. If you get all five, you can LEVEL UP your tattoo with an awesome RED FLAME BUFF. You can spend all weekend telling lies about the new ice-cream gang you’ve joined. Or the band of costumed mystics with a secret undeground temple that you narrowly escaped. It’s totally up to you.

I don’t have any ice-cream-cone stencils yet, so I gave JT the best, the awesomest, and the MOST BRUTAL tattoo I have. That’s right, I went right for my “A” game (over J.T.’s objections), and gave him the MAGICAL SPARKLY UNICORN:

Take a moment to check out the Ice Cream Tattoo Quest page for all the details about where to be and when.

J.T. has a graduation party to go to later today. Thanks for being a good sport, hoss. Like I told you, that tattoo is gonna WORK for you.

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