Guerilla Drive-In Saturday night: “Caddyshack” at Tee it Up Golf!

AFTER we packed up the tattoo booth on Saturday, I rode home and switched the sidecar’s Tattoo Booth Module for the Film Projector Module. There was a brief montage involving loud music, showers of sparks, and steaming volcanos, and then I drove the rig out to Tee it Up Golf on 202 to show Caddyshack for the West Chester Guerilla Drive-In.

Guerilla Drive-In: "Caddyshack" at Tee it Up Golf

The movie’s title and location had been a secret; only those who had previously found the AM transmitter hidden somewhere in West Chester knew what and where the movie was going to be. Fortunately, finding the MacGuffin is fun and easy. When you find it and get your Permanent and Sequential Guerilla Drive-In Member Number, a disembodied voice booms from the sky “LEVEL UP!” and glowing plus signs float all around your body. So, you know, you should do it! It’s a PIPIN’ HOT GOOD TIME.

We had about 35 people out to see Spaulding shout “Double Turds!”, and I had a great time. Whe showed the un-edited version, which is NOT the one you see on TV; I’d forgotten how much screen time Lacy Underall DOESN’T usually get!

I gave a can of soup as the prize for best (worst) golf outfit, and that prize was claimed by dashing clothes-horse Jerzy W., pictured here. In addition to this outfit’s many other fine qualities, he’s actually wearing a wooly tam-‘o-shanter with a pom-pom on top. WINNER:

Jerzy W.: Dashing Clothes Horse and Fearless Ball-Cart Daredevil

As an additional prize, Jerzy (and several others) each got to DRIVE THE ARMORED BALL CART out on the range while moviegoers hit balls at them. Jerzy had nerves of steel: he drove along at low, low speed, only twenty feet from the hitting decks. It was like watching some weird analogue of a pirate movie, where the privateer cruises slowly past the man-o-war, defiantly taking fire from each gunport in turn. “Fire as yer (PING!) guns bear, boys! (CLANG!) Scupper this (BANG!) furry-footed turf dog!”

Each ball-cart driver had their own style: GDI member number 003 Nicole V. drove slow figure-eights, talking trash, while her husband, GDI#004 Dave R. fired off humming drives that went RIGHT over the roof. GDI#033 Sallie R. actually paused to TAKE PICTURES from inside the cart, the flash from the cage punctuating our shame as we sliced the balls wide.

The photo of Jerzy was taken under very difficult lighting conditions by GDI#006 Harold Ross, who used a long exposure and a flashlight(!) to make it look like the Weirdest Ever Catalog Shot. Harold also took the picture of the MacGuffin that’s on the GDI Updates page, as well as the photo of Meatballs in the Northbrook Canoe barn. You can see more of Harold’s stuff on his new Flickr photostream.


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