Tattoo Booth Report: Everybody Loves the Magical Unicorn

I stayed out late in the garage Friday night, fabricating a one-legged, coffin-shaped counter that integrates with the sidecar, using the lower half of the Guerilla Drive-In projector mount.

It POURED rain on Saturday morning and early afternoon. But, you know, if you wanna be a carnie, you can’t let some rain stop you. You just have to shrug, spit your chaw, and say something like “I ain’t made ‘a sugar, I ain’t gonna melt.” So Matt and I got the tattoo booth set up under a tent. And we pretty much had the whole block to ourselves: it was just us, the inflatable moon bounce about twenty feed away, and a couple of neighborhood kids. In other words, it was PERFECT for practicing on them and each other.

We had a great time tattooing the neighborhood kids. I learned that it’s fairly hard to get both the ink mixture and the pressure on the airbrush right. We’re using self-adhesive stencils, which are more forgiving than the kind you just hold up, but even so I’m having some problems with the ink dripping. Hopefully, all that’s needed is practice, though. Luckily, all the ones we did on the kids seemed to turn out pretty well, my mistakes were mostly confined to Matt’s neck.

Here’s Matt during a break in the rain, making a carnie face:
"Make a face like a carnie, Matt!"

Here are some assorted pictures of the tattoos we did, both airbrush and glitter. The second from the right is my favorite, it’s Kate’s new glittery anchor peeking out from under her polo shirt. YES, is all I can say about that triple-threat combination of tough stevedore, carnival glitter, and the Official Preppy Handbook. HELL, YES.

Click each photo to see it on Flickr, or you can see the whole set!

Magical Unicorn: Red 
Red and Gold Glitter Anchor 
Sailor's Anchor: Finished Product 
Kate's Anchor 

After we packed the booth up, I switched the sidecar’s tattoo module for the 16MM projector module, and we had a Guerilla Drive-In Showing of Caddyshack at Tee it Up Golf on 202. More on that later!


5 responses to “Tattoo Booth Report: Everybody Loves the Magical Unicorn”

  1. Dude, those are some SWEET tats.
    Is there any chance you can get me a foot-long wingspan bald eagle on my chest with a flapping american flag in the background?
    You may need some bigger stencils.


  2. I will be happy to make you a foot-long wingspan bald eagle on your chest, but only on the condition that, on each wing of the bald eagle, I can put a sweet picture of a SCREAMING BALD EAGLE.
    I’m sure we can get the flag in there somewhere.


  3. Aw man, good idea.
    But what if inside the mouth of each SCREAMING bald eagle there is a tiny Abe Lincoln boxing a tiny Hitler.
    I know they weren’t alive at the same time and it isn’t canonical, but I think if they were they would’ve challenged each other to a boxing match.
    And the purse? Freedom.


  4. It’s better than canonical.
    It’s CANNON-ical.
    As in ka-BOOM. That’s the best tattoo ever. I swear that I will make it, and there will be a sack of Freedom sitting nearby. Maybe it will double as the screaming eagle’s uvula.


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