Chester County Hospital May Fair

This weekend was supposed to be gloomy and rainy, but it was still sunny when we woke up this morning, so we rousted Lydia out of bed early and told her we were going to have a "surprise", and then drove down the road to the Goshen Fair Grounds for the Chester County Hospital May Festival.

Hopefully, this will mean that EVERY time we are mysterious from now on, she will think that there is a ferris wheel in the offing and will become incredibly obedient.

This is the first year that the fair has not been held in the parking lot of the Chester County Hospital, and party-pooping fishwrap Daily Local News seemed to be a huge wet blanket about the whole thing. I can’t agree, though — it was a great time!

Photo set, including obligatory “ZOMG 666” pictures, below:

Re: The Zipper... View from the ferris wheel Britney No comment

One response to “Chester County Hospital May Fair”

  1. the may fair was so much fun, my daugters both went with there friends and came back to tell us all about the diffrent rides, prizes, and preformances. i think they had an amazing time i will definitly go on sunday And next year!


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