Sending Ken and Ken off in style

A few days ago, Kate put a couple of Ken dolls up for auction, posting a picture that was just UNBELIEVABLY sad. I think it was the startled (but resigned) expressions on the patchy, ridiculously mustachio-ed Ken dolls’ faces. Who knew the pathos of mid-life crisis could be so accurately and mercilessly captured in doll form?

In an absolutely WONDERFUL turn of events, Kate has gotten interest from Scandinavia, frozen land of adventure, where Ken dolls probably ride dragons and do battle with frost giants. Alongside one-eyed Barbies in metal bras riding polar bears, I’m quite sure.

To celebrate Ken and Ken’s new life of AWESOME ADVENTURE, I’ve made them a grim, brutal Muxtape, which you can listen to by clicking on the tape below or visiting Rock on, Ken and Ken!


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