What QRcodes Can Do For You

After walking to work this morning, I found this awesomeness in my mailbox:

Guerilla Drive-In Amp Fixer

This thing is a box that takes the sound OUT of the Guerilla Drive-In’s elderly 16MM projector, which is meant to drive a speaker, and changes it so that we can plug it in safely into the front of our tube-amp stack, while simultaneously(!) driving an FM transmitter for those that want to bring their own radio to the show. This is the Holy Grail that I have been looking for for a few years, and it was made by a really nice fellow named Nate. Nate sent along some instructions to go with the box. I’ll quote from it:
Musicians wanted for short, inconvenient gigs

Polarity switch: DPDT slide wired as a changeover. Flip to alter the
plasma dynamics within the warp core. Caution: While I believe this switch
to be a break-before-make type, I cannot guarantee that shorting will not
occur during a flip. The Eiki’s amp should tolerate this (since shorting
can also occur when inserting or removing 1/4″ plugs), but if it cautions
you not to connect or disconnect the external speaker while the power is
on, that caution extends to flipping the polarity switch.”

As you can see, Nate clearly knows his stuff. Or it’s a box full of spiders, and he’s lying to me, but I wouldn’t know the difference. Thanks for the Box of Awesomeness/Spiders, Nate! I can’t wait to use this at the next Guerilla Drive-In!

Nate found out about my need for a converter box from a friend in West Chester, who saw the Guerilla Drive-in “Nerds Needed” flyer posted in Taylor’s Music Store (pictured at right). So we know what QRcodes are excellent for, now: finding the ONE person out there that has the specific l33t skills you need to wire up a 16MM projector convertor. Hopefully, this will also apply if you need someone to re-weld the cracks in your amphibious car’s frame, or someone to balance the carburetors on your jetpack. Because I fervently hope to be in need of someone with those expertises at some point.

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