The GDI MacGuffin is finally out there!

After three years and three broken AM transmitters, I’ve finally got the Guerilla Drive-In MacGuffin set up and deployed to a HIDDEN LOCATION somewhere in West Chester. Here’s what it looks like:


If you find the MacGuffin and listen to the secret broadcast it’s sending on AM 1700, you’ll get the secret information about where movies are going to be shown through 2008. You can find out more at:

PS. that picture looks so good because it was taken by my neighbor, professional awesome-picture-taker Harold Ross, who wasted two hours on Wednesday driving around West Chester with his son Jonathan, trying to pick up the MacGuffin’s signal. Sorry, Harold! I realize that is totally fair. You should keep hot-doggin’ it around town until you pick up the signal.

UPDATE: The successful finds have been coming in steadily. My favorite story is from “Team BQ”, a “couple of media-swarthmore kids and a city boy” who didn’t know anything about West Chester, but decided to drive out and look around for the MacGuffin. After several hours of static and no luck, they started stopping strangers on the street, showing them their clues and asking for help. Dispirited and dejected, they tried their once last hope on the way back and HURRAH SUCCESS THEY FOUND THE MACGUFFIN! And celebrated with milkshakes.

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