Ground Control to Major Kong

Like Slim Pickens, I never met a meme that I didn’t want to ride all the way down. So I went ahead and registered the inevitable URL. Announcing NERDLEPOINT DOT COM! Look! I have a header and everything!


I’ve been looking for an excuse to use both my Tintin fonts, and so I was delighted when they looked good next to each other.

I’m really enjoying the offline part of this. And so a part of me wants to get into the thing business, where I make things that just happen to have these magical properties of being able to summon URLs. So I’m filling out a vendor application for the West Chester Festival of the Arts on May 4th. I’ll sell hand-painted needlepoint canvases (each one unique, since each one will have a different URL), and stitch charts (also unique). The URLs will point to a password-protected proxy system, so you, the purchaser, can configure the URL to go anywhere you like. And the passwords will be included along with the canvas or chart, in a little sealed envelope as much like the envelope in Clue as I can possibly get it.

A photo of your booth is required in the application, so I borrowed my stepmother’s Official Craft Show Tent (it previously saw action as the World Famous Pontani Sisters’ changing room), and set it up in the back yard for photos. Lydia is hiding behind the table. And behind the Photoshopped signage (I’m making it clear in my application that this is a mackup):


Right now, the booth is very science-fair, what with the table front and center. I guess I’ll need to put it catty-corner, or something. Or have a white pedestal with a single iPhone on it, showing the iMatrix barcode reader, all tastefully picked out with a halogen spot. Or an erlenmeyer flask with some dry ice in it? I’m floundering. Any suggestions for booth design? The space is 10×10, and the actual things I’ll be selling (stitch charts and hand-painted needlepoint canvases) fit into an 8x5x11 manila envelope.

One response to “Ground Control to Major Kong”

  1. The fact that you were able to reference Slim Pickens, erlenmeyer flasks, and the summoning of URLs all in one coherent blog post should merit some kind of award beyond the A+ I can give it.


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