Trolling for Nerds

Trolling for Nerds at Starbucks
I started putting up Guerilla Drive-In flyers around West Chester. It’s got nothing but the GDI logo and a QRcode with a special landing URL on it.

If even a single nerd out there sees the flyer, snaps the QRcode with a cameraphone reader, and hits the special landing URL encoded in it, I’m going to declare victory and immediately try to enlist their help in the final assembly and placement of the Guerilla Drive-In MacGuffin.

UPDATE: THREE SHORT HOURS after putting up those flyers, my nerdbait got its first response, from Stephen W, who is the IT guy at Taylor’s Music Store. He used a camera to grab the image, Googled 2d barcodes, then used a Java app to extract the URL. VIC-TORY!!!! Stephen, you are awesome. The MacGuffin is gonna be built in no time.

One response to “Trolling for Nerds”

  1. Damnit! If I was in town I would have driven out and snapped a shot of it with my Blackjack2. I’ve been dying to use my QR reader more!


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