To-do list for the Guerilla Drive-In:

First, get the bike fixed. Something’s wrong with the clutch: the adjustment bolt on the release lever has to go in farther than the locknut will allow it, before the clutch will disengage. After reading up in the Clymer manual, I think I have to THRUST BEARING PUSHROD LA LA LA not really sure what I’m doing, except I think some of the pushy bits in there have worn shorter than they should be. So far, the bike has rewarded intrepid foolhardy investigation and poking. I hope my luck holds.
Chapter Five: Clutch

Second, figure out how to get the sound out of the 16MM projector and into the Emergency Backup Sound System. The sound coming out of the front of the projector isn’t line-level, it’s too “hot” for a line in, and so I need to get some kind RESISTOR OR DIODE LA LA LA definitely don’t know what I’m doing here. I stopped by the local TV repair shop, but told me to try Radio shack. No luck at Radio shack either. I really REALLY need to find a local electronics guru.
Impedance Selector

Musicians wanted for short, inconvenient gigs

Third, post these flyers around West Chester, so I can find some musicians to play three-minute gigs between reels. Or variety acts; fire jugglers would be good. Or someone to play Lady of Spain on the Muppaphone. Anyhow, if you know someone whose ideal gig consists of three minutes outdoors, maybe in the rain, with the added possibility of getting lost in the woods, then please make sure they know to go to:

…before I get the clutch fixed and the impedance figured out on the projector! The first movie is coming up in April.

Hmm, do you suppose there are any variety booking agents in the area that also do soldering and clutch repair?


2 responses to “To-do list for the Guerilla Drive-In:”

  1. John, I think this is what you’re looking for? I’m no wizard, but I could definitely solder a couple of resistors together. The only other issue would be the connectors at either end. I’m guessing that the Emergency Backup Sound System takes RCA type plugs? Whatever the projector has, I’m sure it’s old enough that Radio shack would have the plug.


  2. Subewl, that’s AWESOME. I’m gonna get those parts at radio shack, and see what I can whip up. THanks for the find!
    I’m also gonna try and dig up a schematic on the audio out that John at the projector-repair place in California sent me a million years ago, so we can figure out where the ground is.


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